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Discover the Keys to a Fulfilling Life and Career from a Stage 4 Cancer Patient


Change Your Mindset & Make a 100% Increase in Sales

Mindset Coach, Cancer Survivor, Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Mentor/Director

Jimmy has coached more than 100 individuals to change their mindsets and improve their careers.


Through his MasterClass sessions, you will learn how to improve your life, break free from old habits that have kept you feeling unfulfilled and stuck, and generate residual income. To date, he has helped his clients earn more than 10 million Dollars.


MasterClass  to a Successful Life


What would you do if today was your last day? Do you have any regrets? My motto is to always live the best version of myself so I don't have regrets. Learn how to lead a successful life and be happier with my proven frameworks in my Mindset Reset MasterClass.

$980 per session

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Mindset Reset MasterClass: What Can You Expect

First: 1-1 Coaching to Identify Your Values, Strengths and Goals

I personalise coaching to unleash your uniqueness and transform your life. We start with an analysis to identify your values, strengths and weaknesses so that you're set on the right path!

Second: Set Positive Intentions & Stay On Track with Daily Prompts

I’ve put together some of my favourite and most meaningful journal prompts to help you stay focused and set intentions. Use this journal to track your progress and cross off small goals along the way.

Third: Transform and Witness Your Personal Growth

While working on yourself is a journey that never ends, every accomplishment will fuel your inspiration to keep growing. You'll learn to break free from old habits that have kept you feeling unfulfilled and stuck. I'll help you rewire your subconscious mind, allowing you to attract all the things you desire.

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Hit Your First

6-figure Sales Income

Despite being in and out of the hospital for chemotherapy, I managed to hit my first highest Real Estate closing sale (5 million) in 2021. Want to know how I did it? 'Mastering Real Estate MasterClass' will help you discover the right mindset for converting leads at a high level.

$980 per session

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1 / Gain Insights into My Sales Strategies

I'll share with you my failures and success so you can avoid making the same mistakes as I did!

2 / Get Access to My Network of Like-minded People

Opportunities to collaborate, learn from others, and expand your own personal or professional network.

3 / Scale Your Social Media Marketing with Minimal Capital

Discover my framework for lead conversion with social media such as WeChat and Instagram.

Access to Real Estate Tips and Career Mindset Videos on My YouTube!


Company, Group & Division Trainer

PropNex Platinum Achiever 2022

ERA Diamond Achiever in 2022

Group Centurion Cup Winner in 2022

Division Top Recruiter in 2022

Group & Division Trainer

ERA Diamond Achiever in 2021

Group Centurion Cup Winner in 2021

Group Top 100 Achievers in 2021

Division Top Recruiter in 2021

Division Trainer

ERA Diamond Achiever in  2020

Group Centurion Cup Winner in 2020

Group Top 100 Achievers in 2020

Group Top 100 Achievers in 2019

Group Top 100 Achievers in 2018

Jimmy New Website Elements (1).png

Manifest Your Vision & Start Living a Life That You Desire

Not sure yet what you want your life to look like? With my practical and effective framework, I can guide you to create a satisfying career, navigate life's big questions, and design a life and work you can thrive in at any age or stage. Challenge your limitations and create new opportunities for yourself today.


Register your first MasterClass with me!

 Be the Best Version of YourselEveryday 

This is what I say to myself Every Single Morning. Imagine waking up every day with a sense of purpose and a clear direction. Each morning, you rise, knowing that you are living the best that you could and making the most out of every situation. Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.


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