The Inherent Risks of Boutique Developments

They are built like, but not quite condominiums.
Typically, apartments with a small number of total units.

Situated in a cozy street.
Usually suburban, but not really.

There isn’t a security post,
or space for a security guard.

And typically, freehold properties.

Boutique developments are beautiful concepts. It’s the epitome of niche upper middle-class standard living. You don’t want the big condominium, but you want something beautiful. And that’s how you are marketed to as well.

As beautiful as these properties are, due to the smaller number of units they hold, they are generally unable to attract a high transaction rate. And a high transaction rate is significant of high demand and property appreciation.

Boutique developments are wonderful to stay in if you can afford them. And if you are looking for a boutique investment, consult your property agent with future demand metrics before buying into one.

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