Why Sell Your Property with Jimmy?

Optimum Pricing Strategy

With in depth knowledge on the fluctuating market trends, I will help you find your next buyer in the Highest Possible Price, in the Fastest Possible Time.

Gain Financial Certainty

Sellers have to be concerned with your cash proceeds and understanding CPF returns. Gain clarity on these property finance numbers in conversations with Jimmy.

Speed Through Network

Instantly leverage on our Internal CoBroke Network (ERA & Preeminent Group) and External CoBroke Network (External Agencies) to place your property in-front of thousands of prospective buyers.

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Additional Services

Rich Media Marketing

Advertise your listing on social media & mobile devices using video and other rich media alternatives.

Home Staging

Connect with our home staging partners to highlight the best features of your property to potential buyers.

Timeline Planning

Ensure that you have the appropriate timeline activities set between your move from current to new property during the entire selling process.


Additional consultation for specific concerns is available upon request.

Explore Resources for Selling Policies

Seller's Stamp Duty (SSD)

Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)

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