Choosing A New Launch Property (Understanding the Developer’s Mindset)

Once you have considered the future demand of a property, the timing of your purchase could make the difference between the choice of your ideal unit or what the developer needs to clear.

You want to buy as early as possible, with some exceptions.

When a developer is set to finish a project, they are permitted to begin selling units before the Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) date. However, if they open all units to be sold at once, all the preferred units will be taken up and they will be left with a handful of undesirable units on their hands.

To counter this, developers release batches of preferrable and undesirable units in ‘phases’. As developers go through phase cycles, the entry prices will increase slightly each time up till the TOP date. During each opening, there will be a limited number of preferrable and undesirable units available.

As a buyer, you will want to come in at an early phase, and early within that phase to have the best pick of the litter.

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