Biography: My Personal Property Journey—Asset Progression from 1999 to 2020

Long before I was a property agent, I was unknowingly embarking on my own property asset progression journey. I have owned and rented in most types of asset classes in Singapore.

Early Property Choices

Between 1999-2005, my New 5 Room, HDB Leasehold property made about S$25,000 per year of stay.

Between 2006-2010, my New 4 Room Condominium Leasehold property made about S$87,000 per year of stay.

Between 2010-2018, my Resale Landed Terrace Leasehold property made about S$81,250 per year of stay.

My early asset profits were supported by Singapore’s steady property market growth. And a New 4 Room Condominium Leasehold property can be comparable to a Resale landed Terrace Leasehold property. You may have noticed that I have never needed or wanted a freehold property for myself.

With this confidence in the effectiveness of resale leasehold properties and the adapted knowledge on future demand, I have opted to invest in a Resale HDB Maisonette Leasehold Property in 2019.

Current Property Choice

While supporting a large family unit, the opportunity for property investment would typically be a compromise–where floor area, ideal location, school districts, amenities and future developments don’t match up with financial ability. Thankfully, even though this HDB Maisonette is a resale leasehold, its future demand factors project a steady growth curve. You can read more in this PropertyGuru Feature.

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